Friday, May 16, 2008

Innovative ways to get fired

Forward your Dept head’s photo to all your friends asking to forward it to 10 more people and they will get promoted else bad luck will follow them.

If someone senior is bugging you and gives you an opportunity to ask a question, ask “Melody Itni chocolaty kyoon hai!!!” and “Log cloromint kyon khate hain!!!”

Play Akon’s “I wanna F*** you” in a con call”.

When some senior guy uses too many unnecessary jargons, tell him” Please talk in English, I am new to Greek”

Send a pic of office broken tiles to company’s distribution list with subject line “Recession is hitting really hard”. To make matter worse, put ur bosses id in cc. To make matter even worse, don’t send the pic in first go and send a follow up mail to everybody with message “forgot to attach”. Better and quick results can be achieved by marking your HR also in cc.

Don’t wash your socks for a week, beautifully gift wrap them. Needless to say don’t forget to put your name on the gift.

Some Crazy Ideas :-)

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Phoenix said...

Really cool and innovative ideas .. am waiting to try one in office ... ( at right moment ) ...