Saturday, October 21, 2006

Kudlu Falls

(This is one of the very few veg pics that I can post)

I have also uploaded a video at

Praveen has recently posted description of trip to kudlu. Not much elaborated but then I dont know how could somebody describe a 6 letter word call Heaven.

Will soon try to post detailed version of my trip to Chiplun, Marleshwar and Valveashwar. May god give me enough patience and time.Amen

Life is on

Sunday, October 15, 2006


In a failed attempt to glamorize my habit of forgetting things I thought forgeteos would be right title for this post. My friends keep on suggesting me numerous possible ways not to forget, but I am more comfortable in forgetting those tecks than probably my innerwear at my friends place. I was always confident that I can’t loose anything special till I forgot my wallet in the pocket of my pent. I hope that I haven’t reached that stage where losing a wallet having some glued notes, is not important for me.

Thanks to my promptness that helped me in entertaining my batch mates with a satirical mail directed towards an unknown thief. But the replies were even more entertaining. (Yet nobody suggested for a marathon to recover that money). On the other hand, I didn’t block my debit/credit cards in a hope that the resultant of my forgetfulness and laziness can be assumed as smartness if an irrational soul stirred by my strong words and moved by my unintentionally torn jeans returns it back. My time table now looked more filled with timing for cursing the thief twice a day first before dinner and second after dinner. I never knew god is listening to my words so carefully, till I was bereft of almost all of the pleasures of life. All this aroused my hidden treasure. Before you start imagining something else let me tell you I am talking about my commonsense. This arousal was shortlived as my commonsense was on casual leave. Amidst all this, I saw a ray of hope in an advertisement of Mentos. Thanks to my smoker friends that I didn’t have to undergo agony of begging in front of temple to buy a Mentos. Mentos supplied required electricity to light up my mind. The ray coming out of my mind struck my purse. My life would have been easier now but thunder short-circuited my dimag again and what more this time, fuse was gone. For last few days, I am waiting desperately for my commonsense to come back and takeover my mind.