Thursday, July 27, 2006

Animation of Hotel California

Nice Animation.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Type of Guys

I knew 3 types of guys: Saturday Must Shave Type (SMST), Monday Must Shave Types (MMST) and Saturday- Monday Must Shave Types (SMMST) and then I met the fourth types who don’t bother to shave ;-)

Saturday Must Shave Type (SMST): These guys are happening types. Who cares, fuck the world, Let me live my life are the typical phrases of such guys. SMSTs in principal wanna have a new girl on every weekend (sadly laws of economics don’t permit). But still have a modest attempt to impress girls. Although it is too late till they realize, that they were jumping (not dancing) in the party. Generally they will have at least one girl mad after them whom they believe is substandard as per their expectations. SMSTs perceive Study/ Job as a waste of time and if given a chance will change office/ college dress code to never- washed T-shirt, torn jeans and no socks (it neutralizes deodorant effect). Some of these beautiful souls are philanthropist by nature as they use perfumes to the extent that nobody else in the party needs to use any. SMSTs love boasting about their alcohol consuming capacities till they start vomiting.

Monday Must Shave Types (MMST):
MMSTs are sincere types. For them Boss/Profs comes next to God. Their targets/ assignments are their life. They can’t think anything else and prefer checking their mails 10 times than going to cafeteria. MMSTs are so formalized that you have to take appointment while they are using next urinal. Life for them starts in morning. Few of these nuts, smile to every female colleague in a hope to shatter their cold blooded image (by default usual male desires). They will forward some mails in order to impress some lady after whom whole office is mad (I pity her mailbox).
They are so enthusiastic to attend office/ college that they are not able to sleep properly. Weekend for them is a hell and they come to office/college on weekends too to the extent possible.

Saturday- Monday Must Shave Types (SMMST): SMMSTs are union of first two except the negatives associated with other type.

Don’t bother to Shave Types (DBST): DBSTs have attained nirvana. Nothing stimulates them other than memories. Life is a pain for them and they pain others by their appearance. They are generally pessimistic. One good thing about DBSTs is that they can be trusted as they don’t have drive to cheat others. They don’t care for girls and cant get away from the passion of using abusive language while talking to gals. They hate these SMST, MMST and SMMST’s to the core. The greatest timepass for 2 DBST’s is to laugh at other types. They got an alien feeling at any high class place and they try to run away from such places. Otherwise they will behave aberrantly and spoil the party by some senseless stuff. Office, parties are not their cup of tea. DBSTs are useful only for nothing.
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