Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pain is Life

I know I am gonna have hard time convincing readers that “Pain is life” is an appropriate title. Some will say “Life is pain” could have been better. But I am totally convinced that current title is better.

We recognize importance of anything when it is not available to us or it is in trouble. It could be money, home, love, an injured finger etc. When we have everything what we expect from life, we live a life of repetition. We struggle to get more out of such a life by squeezing as much happiness as possible out of our present.

There is a period in ones life when he wants to discontinue the repetitiveness. Take a case of a rich guy who has all the facilities of this world and has got caring parents unlike what happens in movies. Due to enough of money, he is not interested in more of it. He moves towards art and wants to lead a peaceful life. Money is a pain for him, not is absolute sense but in relative sense. This pain is what leads his life and he starts experimenting. (I don’t remember who said: first generation goes for knowledge, second money and third art)

The problem is that the period for which a person tries to change his life, from what he has led in parental custody, is generally very small. Sometimes one never gets an opportunity and he lately realizes that he has wasted his life. Following established order is a most usual way in almost all societies. Although it’s not that bad as it seems because it helps in propagation of tacit knowledge from one generation to another. But that will also kill any god given talent of new generations.

Repetition is painful. We all feel that pain but to satisfy ourselves, we start rationalizing our thought process. At the end we find ourselves convinced. Sooner or later many of us realize that we haven’t done anything exceptional in our lives. Why? Reason is simple because we always run from ourselves. We know that we are not doing anything great but we portray our circumstances to rationalize our thinking. That’s how we live. Better we would have lived pain. What’s wrong in acknowledging that I am not doing anything great and feeling the pain of it? If that’s what reality is. Closer to reality better is the future. We, try to run away from truth because, it’s painful. But that’s what life is. Life is pain. My topic was “Pain is life. “ I think better I should accept the defeat of my earlier reasoning. Although it’s painful but having an open mind has helped me to improve it all on my own. That’s the crux.