Monday, October 06, 2008

Naam kya hai!!!

I must admit that I am becoming lazy day by day or in management lingo rediscovering my true self once again. I created a folder, where I used to trash all my creative ideas in an attempt to let them ripe for the right moment. No point in guessing, that those ideas got buried. It’s ok!! It is never too late to delay it further.
One of the interesting things that has happened with me is my name” Shakun”. First thing anyone ask is what the meaning of your name is. Obviously you wouldn’t like to say it is as meaningless as your stupid question unless you have just seen Ram Gopal verma ki Aag. When my parents told me the logic of naming me Shakun, I couldn’t ask for more. Atleast, I can tell people, though my name does not have a meaning, it is very logical. It has some letters of my father’s name and some from my mother. By that logic, I could have been named Kush. But that’s what I call is fate.
The name Shakun could have been still OK but I found more black heads on mother earth with this name than males. It forced me to put my photo in Orkut with a clear explicit mention of sex, to prevent my mailbox from overflowing by unsolicited mails from love deprived descendents of Adam. I hate when somebody expects a female and I reach there to slaughter all their dreams. I see how their face turns from stud Imraan Hashmi to hopeless Mahesh Bhatt. It is a guilty feeling on my part.
Once, one of my friends called me to inform that there is another person on mother earth with same name as yours “Shakun Agrawal”, I immediately searched on Orkut only to find a female who stays in Buffalo, NY. I felt like scrapping her how dare you let your parents name you after me ;-). Alas she is older and she could sue me otherwise.
Forget all that! Anyway what’s in a name? I have kinda got habituated of listening to all those names ranging from Shakuni mama, mama, Shukrana, shakku to all those modern ones shaks( self proclaimed), shaky, shakki and the list goes on… I would always love to meet some guy carrying the burden of same name. It’s like brotherhood. I had one in my school but everybody doubted his manhood. I tried my best for that guy but God is all crazy. Anyway, I will meet somebody with the same name someday over a drink to philosophize him on name theory.
The most memorable murder of my name has been in a discussion with a guy from NA. It shook me when he pronounced me as SHAKEN. One I liked few days back when somebody wrote me as Shaun, I was really happy that he only missed K, if he would have missed AK then I wouldn’t have liked it at all. Sometimes, foreigners pronounce me as SHAH KAUN. I don’t hate it that much as it is only 3 letters away shah rukh. Lately, I got an appreciation certificate citing me as Sakun. ( At last found a place to write about it). While my name is getting butchered in all possible ways, I have become habituated to it all.
This is mostly my last post in this blog . I am finding it difficult to stop people from stereotyping my personality based on my blog. I will start one anonymously. That would allow me to write freely.