Sunday, March 19, 2006


Was trying to write something and ended up writing few quotes. Enjoy if you like , crib if don't like. Everything is welcome.

Earning thousands of dollars is not worth till you have a heart to spent millions of dollars.

The greatest time pass is to plan how to pass time.

Stupidity is a property of some elite few which can never be conquered by others.

Love is like a feather which initially floats and settles down with marriage.

If you find a flock following you, then either you are a leader or a fool; may be both.

Don’t fear because even Fear has wings to fly high.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

How I (Observing people: An Intuitive Science)

It all started when I was in 9th standard. I used to see my cousin reading books on face reading as part of her course in psychology. I got fascinated about it. But it is difficult for a dabbler to concentrate on one particular hobby. I tried to read a book but at that time I had many other fascinations to pursue so I left it for future .

One day in engineering, I got Sherlock Homes in my hand (those days reading books were one of my favorite pastime). I was thrilled, the way he used to find out information from smallest of clue. It revitalized my sleeping desire to learn how to get information about others just by observing. Some people said, it is all Bull shit. But I never took note of any such view.

Now my task was to find out how to start. I tried to get some books but thanks to my laziness, I was not able to arrange for even one. But all the best things in world have more than one way to get them. Same with this science . I started practicing with my close friends. It somehow became my habit to observe people closely. In the beginning I failed many time, misjudged many times and some time unexpectedly successful. Time kept on passing and it ingrained into me.

Sometimes it so happened what I said from the current information just came true. This strike rate started increasing. During my job, I started practicing this art. It helped me a lot to tackle people. One of my colleagues always used to ask me my views on any particular incident. These cases used to be a real test of my expertise. I myself was not very confident in the beginning but those few informal talks with my friends helped me a lot. We used to stand in front of food court for sometime and it became my practice ground. We used to observe (I don’t need to tell whom) and I tried to come out explanations for some unusual stuffs. It went on and my practice sessions helped me a lot to improve.

By the time I entered into MBA, I mastered this art of finding out some facts about people just by observing them for some time. But now I have a second mammoth challenge, to get feel of a system, predicting it’s functioning and decisions. Till now I have failed miserably with very less strike rate. Only I can say with surety how a system doesn’t work. But I hope in 6 more months I will learn how to read into an existing system.

It may sound very nice to read about all this. But there is a serious hazard. Things are not always rosey. Sometimes I meet people who don’t think good about me, hate me or want to harm. At times it is difficult to maintain the same distance that I would have kept otherwise. Sometimes I need to behave like a fool, sometimes serious guy and list is endless. But in general, I enjoy. Sometimes things are so funny that you simply fall out of laughing. But when things are touching, it is very difficult to handle the situation because you know what will follow.

Time one takes in reading this mail itself tells many things about the reader. Think about it.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Definition of True Friendship

A true friend is one who never misses an opportunity to take your ass, always allows you to pay for his dues and loves you so much that never let you do anything useful.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Manipal To Meerut

Last days I had a gala time at home. But before that my journey to home was equally rewarding. We started from Manipal in evening. I took a bus for pune. We were boozing at the Bus Stand. Suddenly Father of Krish came and we were hardly able to hide beer canes.
Journey to Pune from Manipal is full of scenic beauty. One can see nature at its one of the best forms. It is full of Water bodies, Hills, sea and some country people. Whenever I see all this I have a strong desire to buy a house and to spend whole of my life admiring all this. Our Bus took first break around 6 in the evening. Hey I forgot to tell who all were traveling with me: Pavi, Tanuj, Anshul, Krish and Yudi. No one was in a mood to eat anything. But all of us ended up eating heavy snacks

Morning, I got down at Pune with Pavi, Yudi and Krish. Others continued to Mumbai. Yudi dropped me at Nal stop. Meantime, I tried calling my friends, But those fuc**** were in deep sleep. I somehow reached there flat. I kicked their ass to wake them up. After that, as usual a series of verbal comments and fun. There is one thing common among CEC guys; they can take anybody’s ass in a moment. Only one comment will kill you. I may be exaggerating but still it is true to some extent. Around 9.30, we left for breakfast, went to some place and had some fruits. Paji came up with an idea of eating paratha. After 2,3 restauraunt, we setteled down at kotheshwar( I don’t remember exact name) on F.C. road. Gals around were beautiful. All of them were wearing pinks. May be some pink day in Pune! All six of us had some nice moments there. We had a GRAND Breakfast. We started this concept of grand breakfast with Pankaj, John and Veeraj, when I was in Mumbai. That’s a different story all together.
We came back to flat after some time. By the time, Rahul and Varun joined us. Varun was busy with his Oracle interview. And Rahul went with one of the friend to talk to the parents of his friends G.F. Once again, fundas of Rahul. He took a guitar and started playing. Believe me it was pathetic. Especially when you listen to someone great like Gurmeet’s roomy. That guy played 3 songs, all superb. Talented guitarist, I must say. We had lunch together. I left the place by 3.30 to Mumbai. I had a plan to meet Mumbai friends too. But, I got late. I reached airport at 7.30. I reached Delhi airport at 11.30 PM and home at 3 AM. It was quite a hectic schedule but there was a motivation to meet friends and family.

6 days at home, I only ate, slept, watched match and did nothing else. Met my brother, saw RDB in PVS, and contacted few friends. I tried to taste as many delicacies as I could in those few days. It was a life full of fun peace and masti. But sadly I had to start my journey on Sunday morning. I had classes from Monday. Now as usual classes, assignments and blah blah.