Saturday, February 18, 2006


This pic is one of those we took for "update". CCC is Civil Cooperation Committee of TAPMI. In front our senie members Shiv, Rajeshwari and shib. In back row Sulakshana, Nitin, ;-) and Vipul. Posted by Picasa

my section

Hey guys, my section in TAPMI. Cool pic Na..... Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Religion and Society

"It has been often said, very truly, that religion is the thing that makes the ordinary man feel extraordinary; it is an equally important truth that religion is the thing that makes the extraordinary man feel ordinary." - Charles Dickens

Religion means different thing to different people. Even the belief of an atheist that God does not exist is itself a manifestation of a strong set of values that leads his life. In a way, he is also following a religion. In a broad sense, religion is a set of values one follows in life. All these values are projected in different ways in different religions. But Motif is same, to guide human being. “It is possible to see that religion does not necessarily have to be involved with shrines, temples, churches, or synagogues. It does not need complex doctrines or clergy. It can be anything to which people devote themselves that fills their lives with meaning.” Britannica Encyclopedia

We can not be sure whether any 2 persons shares the exactly same believes and understanding of their religion. On the other hand there is a possibility that 2 persons of different faiths have a lot of similarity in their idea of God. The point here is that if you have decided, you can find defect even in a beautiful peace of art while with the same eyes; you can find a shabby tool a piece of beauty. Only difference is in the way you look at the things. If we see our religion not alone but with national spirit, we will be overwhelmed by the strength of our society. There is a debate “which among religion and nation is more important”. Such debates have no meaning. Both religion and nationalism can coexist and in fact they reinforce each other. And if they lose synergy, it is a clear indication of decline of that particular society.

Religion does not distinguish on the basis of economic status. Anybody and Everybody can practice religion of his choice. All believe in God in one or other way. Religion gives us strength. How beautiful it is that a man believes in someone whom he has never seen, whom he has never met, whom he follows throughout his life without questioning. A person whom he believes more than himself, shares more than he shares with anyone else. The underlying reason is trust. God don’t gives weightage to your economic condition, your physical appearance, your place of birth. This relationship also has mutual respect. God never asks for anything but still we offer our prayers, wealth etc. Not because there is any compulsion but to show our respect and gratitude.

India is a country of religions. India is the origin land of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. I suspect any other country other than India has people of so many religions practicing their faiths so freely. For a foreigner it is like a beautifully variegated collage. What binds people of different believe together is a feeling of nationalism. Hundred of years of foreign rule (based on divide and rule) has toughened our faith in our religion. Our faith in religion forms a major part of our value system. The value system of all the citizens gives shape to Indian society. And our successful society gives us reason to follow our faiths. It is cyclic process.

Religion is binding force for a society. Whenever our society is on the decline, religion has shown us new ways. From mythical Ram to Ramakrishna, each one of the reformers has reinforced our society with the help of religion. They were the individuals who understood that “religion is the soul of society. Even few people living together can form a society but religion gives it colors to fill.”

In 21st century, when Religion is considered as biggest bottleneck in India’s peaceful atmosphere, let us show that it can be converted into her strength. Imagine, a Christian giving dates to a Muslim for breaking Roja; a Hindu going for Haj and a Muslim visiting temple. Not because they lack faith in their religion but they have an open mind towards the other cult and they want to know more about the other religion. Just imagine a society where ignorance is not bliss. We are open towards each other and learn to respect each other’s views. “Heaven” that would be no less than a heaven.

Now question arises how to make India such a society. Answer is lead by example. Don’t wait for others to come and take the initiative. Don’t think that you are a drop in sea but think you are THE DROP. Grab this golden opportunity. Time is ripe. India is moving towards economic prosperity. Junta does not like religious extremists anymore. Relationships with neighboring countries are improving. Awareness levels are high. Few radical initiatives will act as a trigger to achieve social harmony.

A society without fanatics of different religions would be an ideal society. We should always strive for forming such society and we should not feel satisfied for anything less than that. Task is not easy. It requires a lot of dedication and effort. As the younger generation, it is our responsibility to take the burden of the task and revolutionize the whole India. Let us come out of receptive mode of thinking and doing. I am not asking to change the world; I am asking you to change yourself. The day you change yourself, you will find the whole world around you changed. The great things comes from inside to outside, not the vice versa. Take the example of air, when it flows outside to inside, it is a cyclone: while when the same air flows inside to outside it makes weather pleasant.

India has always shown ways to the world in its golden past. Let us this time show the world a society whose foundation is religious harmony and force them to ponder on to the narrowness of their thoughts. Let us come together and start revolutionizing ourselves to create a society based on religious harmony and love.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Sick of Discipline

We are faced with the paradoxical fact that education has become one of the chief obstacles to intelligence and freedom of thought. Bertrand Russell

6 months after joining, I feel like run away from this place. So much of discipline, I cant simply live in. In my school days I never attended more than first half of day. College it was no better. But in last 7 months 100% attendance. Unbelievable!!. A long list of unspoken/spoken Do's and Don’ts to follow. No freedom to decide what is good for me what is not. Am I a child? There may be good intentions behind all these rules but for me they are having negative impact. I feel like tied up and not able to perform to my fullest potential. Academically worst phase of my life is on.

Classes apart, daily quiz, presentations and assignment has made me sick and I am desperately looking to go home. After 22 more days, I will at my home after 8 months. I have already given a wish list to my sis and parents. Hope this break will give me a much needed boost.