Saturday, September 15, 2007

For a worthy cause

Choosing something to write on my blog is as difficult for me as probably it is for a babe to select a dress for her first date. I mean in both the cases, so many thoughts going on at a time, zeroing on one is one hell of a job. But stakes are low in blogging so I don't need to take views from half of my friends/ acquaintance to decide on what to do.

One Fine morning, I got a call from my college senior that I have scrapped some indecent message in the scrapbook of his wife. He was a reasonable man and he understood that somebody has hacked my mail-account . But how unreasonable was the guy who posted some really indecent scraps to so many of my frns. Somehow, I got hold of my account and had to choose a password which was as difficult to remember as it is to pronounce Massachusetts . I tried doing some damage control by sending a mass mail but I really don't know how helpful it was. At once, I was of the view to just shut down my Orkut account. But then I took a clue from our ministers, they never resign even if they are at fault So why should I, when it is not my fault.

I was trying to make a mental sketch of the dude who made me a topic of discussion among people. But the only image I could think of was of Shahrukh Khan of kkkiran fame. You have to be half psycho to do anything like that. It does not make sense to blame a psycho for anything, he needs sympathy. Hey Psycho, If you are reading, please contact me. I am ready to finance your treatment. Anyway, I was planning to donate some money and I would be more than happy to spend on such a worthy cause.