Sunday, December 09, 2007

Gods must be lazy

I believe God has absolute control over anything or everything. As we all know that absolute power corrupts, I seriously doubt that it is not applicable to Almighty. He has created a most honest bribery system where people pay him to get their things done. Payment can be in the form of money, sweets and even hair at times. You can pay in advance or later once your request is fulfilled. But there is a caveat that if you forget to pay after promising, you have to undergo a lot of suffering. Only Payment does not serve the purpose, you also have to flatter God using different means. Only if he is pleased with your offerings, you have a chance. There are few places where probability of convincing God is high.

Based on the premise that God is all-powerful, I think he should be able to multitask to the extent to control his own creation. If he can control everything, why does he wait and react late. That enforces that Gods must be lazy. That could be a valid reason why people say “ Bhagwan ke ghar mein der hai andher nahi”

Control mechanism designed by God is not effective enough to keep world in order. These are harsh and result in a lot of destruction. Sometimes they remove a whole species from the planet. Either God is not able to justify his own creation or is playing a game with all of us. Tomorrow when he is bored of Homo sapiens, he might think of removing us. So Buckle up guys and offer more bribe else you will be kicked out of this world.

Respecting Diversity

Almost all the problems in this world converge at a center i.e. Non-willingness to accept diversity. It might not come as promptly as it is. We as humans have tendency to justify ourselves or anything associated with our affiliated group, society, race, religion etc. More than justifying, we do not put effort to respect the differences others have with us. Instead, we try to satisfy our ego by showing that how the way we are/ or do things is superior / has more depth than others’. The process takes a vicious path most of the times. Not liking, hate, trying to prove, going to any extent for proving are various steps in this process.

In today's scenario, we can clearly see this dimension in most of the headlines of International concern. Israel – Philistine, North Korea – South Korea, US – Bin Laden, Environmentalists – Industries, Racism and anything for that matter. The issues mentioned are nothing but fights of existence, autocracy versus democracy, preservation versus change, need to differentiate etc. Problem is not understanding the differing view and trying to impose self-serving view onto others. Any of these issues can be solved provided parties involved are ready to respect a non-concurring perception of situation. We are yet to see paradigm shift in our thinking. Coexistence of diverse ideology is de rigueur since long else the survival of fittest ideology won't take us anywhere but to a world with a lot of unnecessary violence to eliminate the uneliminatable.