Monday, January 29, 2007

Blah Blah.......

It's all crazy stuff. Wrote Sometime back.

All oldies are jealous of the gen-nex guys. In the past, they hardly got an opportunity to observe and enjoy opulence of human anatomy as we do today. I doubt that there is any instrument to measure eyeball movement. Probably it is difficult to device one as oldies eyeball defies all laws of kinetics on seeing a babe.

Indian cricket team is more unpredictable than monsoon. Its performance can be used instead of a binary random function.

What it takes not to perform in a cricket match:

tummy equivalent to a 3 months pregnant
alertness of a person waiting desperately to sleep
tension of an ad shoot next day
Style to justify fielding
Readymade reasons to blame pitch
Paramount importance for time.

Year 2050, Pan Shops are the most attractive business proposition. A recent survey reveals that 80% of pan shops are owned by the people from general category. Panwaalas are hindering India’s quest to achieve equality in its social structure. All political parties are in favor of reservation for pan shops. They are also demanding not opening up this sector for MNCs.

There is perceived danger as the rate of spitting at public places is reducing and entry of foreign companies can further have a negative impact on it. Few parties are taking it in a big way .They never filled any color in their posters and used pan spitters instead. Almost 87,000 people are employed in this activity. FDI in pan sector will endanger the bread, butter and pan of these people.
No offences Meant