Saturday, August 19, 2006

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Monday, August 14, 2006

I Quote

It is better to pretend like a fool and fool other rather than trying to be smart and getting out smarted.”

Management in Practice :-)

I am not sure how much one can learn from books or journals. But yes I know a lot of tricks to cope up with ever increasing pressure of assignments, quizzes and pre- reads. Some of these techniques are awesome and really works.

Rule of 2354: This funda is specifically designed for objective question papers. When ever you are in the midst of a storm called ignorance, use it. First solve all the objective questions you know (if any). Now take the first unanswered Q and mark 2nd choice as answer. For next question, add 3 to 2 and if there is a fifth choice mark it otherwise deduct the number of choices given and whatever comes mark as the right answer. And the process goes on.

Some may doubt but it works. Every time I don’t use 2354. Sometimes I use 2534. It all depends on mood. Believe me it has worked and I have never got an F in any quiz whether I have studied or not.

Two Minutes: It deals with problem of pre reading the case. Few minutes before the class go to any sincere type guy and ask him to explain summary of the case in 5 statements. It hardly takes 2 minutes. Again spend 2 minutes in scanning the headings of the case and reading last paragraph. Now approach a few gentlemen and explain them a “out of the box” interpretation of case. That’s all; next few minutes just listen to them and keep nodding your head. And you are ready for case discussion.

Role Play”Moderator”: This idea is similar to the two minutes but more useful when case is huge and/or has a lot of numbers. First get a place in CC around 9. Open Orkut and start scrapping your friends. In half an hour around 9.30, you will find except you everybody else in CC is working on case. Now it’s action time. Start a dialogue by saying “The case is really difficult”. Your question will evoke various responses and all those sitting there will start a discussion on the case. Whenever you feel discussion is not moving, steer it by giving some points. Here the fruitfulness of discussion is based on your moderating skills. As soon as discussion finishes, comment “When will I do it?? I am yet to start?” and leave CC. ( It works at other places too)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Few Interesting Characters

I am surrounded with so many great souls that I can write a book on each of them. Here a very brief info on some of those (all despos)

I wanna be your Un*******

This guy is a chupa rustam. Some of his contradictory statements are “I don’t like gals” and “I want a girlfriend”. This fucking asshole will go for jogging in the rain in a hope to impress a girl.

Jab bhi koi ladki dekhhoon

This guy has had around 6 accidents in last one year. This fucker is so fortunate that every time he escaped without a single injury. Its other thing that now his vehicle is no better than a cart. Reason for accidents??? This so called “not interested in girls” type was so engrossed in admiring beautiful kanyas that he forgot that he is driving on wrong side. Interesting part is that recently he had an accident where he got hurt badly and this time there was no girl around.

Lovology mein First, Baaki Sabmei Fail

This guy has conducted more surveys than any Brandscan Project lead can think of. In every 15 days, he will prepare a questionnaire and go to some college. No points for guessing that questionnaire is related to some girls’ product. He is so regular in some colleges that some people think he is a student of that college.

Aaja Meri Gaadi mein Beth Ja

Biggest despo. A fin guru. He openly says “I want a GF desperately”. His timings are all planned. He knows which girl is attending which lecture and when she will be free. His entry and exit in a party are very well planned. Good in befriending girls. But sadly lacks energy/ strategy to convert. Probably, The best business plan he can think of is EFGA(Exclusive for girls Auto). The song he hates most is “ bhaiya mere rakhi ke bandhan ko nibhana”

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"We R GR8" Syndrome

After long time. This post is dumbest( Arrant NONSENSE). A bed time childhood story. but it has many hidden clues within it. I wont tell what and their significance. Kinda Puzzle. Find out on your own. Above all that, it's moral is appealing( atleast to me). I am fed up of meeting such "Gr8" personalities in my life.

Long time ago, there was a village say X. People in that village used to live happily. In that country there was an annual wrestling championship. People from X were regular participant in that competition. Although they never won it, at few occasions they were able to reach semifinals. The competition had many competitors so even reaching semifinal was an award in itself especially when a lot of prestige was associated with this event.

This year wrestlers of X started their preparations quite early. They were aiming to win that competition. Wrestlers had total support of village head. Village head(Y) was a good person. He observed that wrestlers in his village were similar in built and used similar tactics like their counterparts in other villages. Y thought probably his wrestlers are less motivated and emotional training could help them in winning. So he came out with a ruling that all the wrestlers were supposed to gather at the bank of river every Sunday evening. Whole of the village gathered. Y narrated stories of their great ancestors. Wrestlers and villagers felt proud after listening this. Wrestlers were highly motivated.That night, everybody was talking about greatness of their ancestors.

It became routine. Every now and then these motivation sessions were arranged. One day a villager took one of his friends from other village to this meeting. Head of the village greeted him. During the course of meeting, head asked the person from the other village to say something to motivate wrestlers. That person happened to be a veteran wrestler. He started informing them about new techniques in wrestling. Head stopped the veteran and asked him to say something about the greatness of his village instead. The visitor complied to Y and spoke about a range of great thing about the village, its traditions and whatever good he knew. These things continued and whenever there was a guest, he was invited and asked to say something great about the village.

Wrestlers were highly confident of bringing trophy this year. Competition started in the Month of March. This year none of them were able to retain their earlier positions. Whole village was dull. Nobody was ready to accept defeats. Head didn’t come out of his home.

Next day, all villagers met at the same place, same time and started same stories again. They started blaming the wrestling championship officials for their performances. The village in few years time stopped participating in these events. They started their own intra-village championship. Reason " We R Gr8 Syndrome"

Shaks stopped for a while