Saturday, July 21, 2007


Today( Now it is already over 20 days), I got my first salary, feeling good. also Met few of my good old friends. Had a small get together. There is one thing that has still not changed amongst us that we like each other for the persons we are. For me that is most important thing in a friendship.

In last one month, one word that I hated most is tax and loved most is beer.
Some people should learn to laugh without any pre-conditions. It's not that difficult.

I still love ghazals more than any kind of music. Given a chance, I would like to open a pub with ghazals as a music. I was wary of the idea as I wont get any customers till my idea got reinforced when I met my first assured customer over the mirror.

I dont understand how come somebody have mundane aim of life such as saving money and finds happiness in living a life full of empty glasses of their favourite drinks.

One desire, I have is to dissapear from bangalore without any plan over a weekend and do some real adventure stuff.

Old Wine in New Bottle

Few months back I got my head shaved to the next best thing > bald. Ya, I mean it looked like leg of a girl with due An-french . I realized the consequence pretty late and by the time my head was ready to serve as a public property with a lot of fingers waiting for Nirvana. My plight was like Ganguly trying to play Shoaib Akhtar.Only Saving grace was that the disc on my head had only stack entry( I mean guys) and cover charges for gals. AAkhirkar, Ijjat ka jo mamla tha. My new aim for life was to have some on-job experience of agriculture. I was taken by surprize when few distant cousins of Anu Malik took it as a style and one of them finally copied it without fail.

Arre copying se yaad aaya, we are taught to call it process reengineering in MBA as we not only copy but poke our nose doing the same thing. Like an assignment of 20 pages will become a summary of 2 page by the time it reaches the last guy. I mean, a saving of 18 important pages to protect trees -> reducing global warming. That is when the vision of an MBA graduates converts into a tele-vision. The guys will use his saved time discussing on the life of human beings in primitve age when there were Peters in england without any peter england and no restriction for anything whatsoever-xyz.