Friday, February 29, 2008

Top of the Mind Recall

John Lennon

Undoubtedly he was the best singer. But, I like him more for the way he lived his passion, the way he did what he wanted to and the way he pursued his life in his own way.

Mirza Ghalib

He used power of Urdu and mixed it with the strong emotions in an elegant way. His lyrics cut through soul.

One can find 0 Feet and 100 Feet meaning in the same lines. Ex. is below:

“Hui Muddat ke ghalib, mar gaya par yaad aata hai, Vo hare baat pe kehna kai yuin hota to kya hota”

Johnny Depp

I rate him best actor of all times ( Full Stop) The way Captain Sparrow walks will be the talk of acting books in the years to come. I am waiting to see Shantaram. He is the only guy who can enact that character.

Mahatma Gandhi

It is kinda fashion to crib Gandhi. What ever people say but you can’t take away the fact that he was the one who populated Ahinsa as a fighting tool.

last 2000 years on mother earth, how many non violent movements took place? How intense they were? What was the overall impact?

Ritu Beri

I hate when people ask me who Ritu Beri is. She is the face of new Indian woman independent, smart, forward looking and what not.
Her creations are simply superb. Till now couldn't buy anything other than a pullover from her creation but if get a chance ( miracle happens), I would only wear her creations.
Unaided Recall Next Time ( Keep Smiling)