Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Vo kahna sir ka "Get Out From the Class"

In one lecture I was without any reading material and was totally new to the subject. I was prepared to be thrown out of the class but I got a chance. Prof was really cool. He unlike many others understood that throwing a guy out of the class was not a solution. Throughout the lecture, I was busy(for a change) applying my understading of the concepts and got the following " Equation of Learning "

LRN = Total Learning one can have in class
PR = Pre reading
MAT = having the material in class
MDEL = Quality of delivery of instructor
I= Individuals (students) ability to comprehend


Taking PR and MAT as an independent variable and LRN as a dependent variable.
The Equation for class learning will be

LRN = I* PR + b* MAT + c --------------1

In case PR=0 and MAT =0 LRN=c

But in case someone is thrown out of the class

LRN =0

But if he is allowed to sit in the class, in that case


Here we can introduce 1 more variable
That is MDEL

So LRN becomes

LRN = I*PR + b *MAT + I*MDEL + c -------------------2

Here if PR=0 and MAT =0

It implies LRN = I * MDEL + c

This equation may be true for one time event.

Generally a student is thrown out assuming that second time variable PR and MAT will be 1 and they will contribute positively to the LRN. But other factors are ignored. In this case we need to check whether there is any significant correlation in the LRN and PR/MAT. Prima facie (MDEL * I) seem to be better correlated to the LRN than other variable. One more aspect is important to notice; PR can have limiting effect on I and can limit the total value of I * MDEL.

In such a scenario, expelling someone out of the class may not be the right thing.

Monday, May 08, 2006

A Love Story

First time in life I tried writing a love story. Even after 4 months, I was not able give it a proper direction. But now, I have got an excellent ending and will complete it one day (don’t know when). I would like to thank my friends who gave their valuable inputs (Sudeepta and Pady). There is an indirect contribution from karthik and Rajesh, a dialogue when Kabir proposes Sanjana. We had a cool discussion on that a long time back. Topic was “Essentials to impress gals” HAHAHAHAHA

Chapter1: Journey of a lifetime

I was standing at Heathrow waiting for my flight. It was 12.15 PM and I still had 4 hours to pass. My Business Meeting was a total disaster and I was not able to clinch the deal for my company. I was very tensed and tired at the same time. I thought of taking some rest and started moving towards rest room. “Excuse me are you an Indian”. I raised my head. A beautiful young lady was standing next to me. I was having severe headache and was in no mood of talking. I nodded positively. She said “You look like a gentleman. Will you please listen to me” The gentleman word did its magic and I stopped on the aisle and asked “What For?” “My name is Sanjana. I am from India.” She was polite in her manners. “Kabir. I am Kabir. What do you want?” I was trying to behave like a rude gentleman. “Actually I forgot my purse in a taxi. I don’t know anybody out here and I got a flight at 4:30 to India.” This statement reminded me of Mumbai. You go to any market and you will find people stating the same reason and asking for money. I was always cautious and never got fooled. Once, a stupid friend of mine gave some money. After that event, he got famous in our friend group as “Daani Baba”.

I put a hand on my purse as if I was checking it’s out there or not. “But why do you need money? Don’t you have your ticket?” I was trying to be sympathetic.
“I have it. But it is something else” She was speaking very slowly, Stressing on each word. “I haven had anything from last 2 hours and I am feeling hungry. Will you pay for me”. She looked genuine to me. May be my long association with a lady of the same name in the past, forced me to help her or It could be because of her beauty. I wasn’t sure but I said” Yes, No problem at all. I started taking my wallet out” “Why don’t you come with me? I am also feeling hungry. If you don’t mind” I thought it was not a bad idea when you had a long time to pass. I took her to Costa. Costa had been my favorite place at Heathrow. She went to the ladies room for some time. In meantime, I was observing the grand ambience. It was nicely decorated. The design was Italian but some touch of French was also evident, in particular the furniture. By now I had forgotten all my tension and tiredness and started enjoying atmosphere. She came back after 10 minutes. I observed her closely for the first time. “Simply Awesome” It came out of my mouth. “What?” she asked. “The ambience” I tried hiding my feelings for her. “Yes, I liked it too. The design on the walls is very attractive.” We ordered tuna mayo, pastries and hot chocolate coffee. As usual, it was an awesome combination. On inquiring, I came to know she was here for a design competition. She was a student of a fashion institute in India and wanted to open her own fashion house. We spent next few hours together. Although, very short time but long enough to befriend someone. In my whole life I always have a strong belief in coincidences. And whenever I have asked god for something desperately, I have got it. Probably that might be the reason; we got our seats next to each other in my journey of lifetime. I was not able to take my eyes out of her. We chatted on sphere of topics started from general, social, political and then personal. She was a chatterbox but whatever she spoke was sensible. She was a nice combination of beauty and brain. I was so happy, when she said she was looking for someone, that I could have jumped out of my seat. I thought I should not waste this opportunity. At the time of landing, I decided to reveal my feelings to her. But there was a fear of rejection. At last, I made up my mind. Our flight reached at 6 AM in the morning. It was cold in Delhi but less than London, off course. No sun light, only fog on the airport and in the backdrop some flying lights. The ambience was not perfect but unique enough for one, not to forget. As soon as the bus dropped us, I took her to the corner of the platform. She asked me “What Kabir?” I said” I don’t know how to sing, dance or play guitar, I don’t know how to play basketball, not a formula 1 maniac” “So what? Are you mad?” I realized that I am doing all that what I am not supposed to. It may be, because of my habit of spoiling things at the right moment. I composed myself to make a point “Hey will you accept me as your lover boy without all those things?” I saw a little smile on her face. We forwarded and hugged each other. She said “I liked the way you proposed me.” I was in Seventh heaven. That’s how a new phase of my life started. Here On I will rewrite

Here on I will rewrite

I reached my apartment at Rohini before the first ray of light. I slept till the afternoon. When I woke up it all looked like a dream? I called her and confirmed it wasn’t a dream. We had our dinner together at Parikrama. I dropped her to home at gurgaon. These meetings continued but meantime I was transferred to Mumbai. Phone was the only medium but I used to go Delhi alternate weekends. I was planning to talk to my parents. But destiny will take such a sharp turn, I never imagined. I called her on that unforgettable evening. Her mother was on the other side. The news from other side was shocking enough for me that my tears started flowing, voice mumbling and hands shaking. “She has got Blood Cancer.” That’s what her mother said. I asked “What? Sanjana. Blood cancer. Does she know”? Her mother started crying on the phone. I tried to console her but of no use. I informed my colleague to take care of my work and to inform the boss. I took next flight to Delhi and was at her home by 9. Whole house was gloomy. She was sleeping on her bad. I saw her face. It was bright like a goddess. Nobody could believe after seeing her that she was a patient of cancer. (To be cont…..)