Friday, January 20, 2006

A fair play

People have preferences for various things for various reasons. The differentiating factor in human beings is their behavior except the anatomy. How their behavior differs is a resultant of their differing social setups. As human being is an irrational social animal, he lives with commonly accepted ideas and beliefs of the society he belongs to. But when the same human being comes out of his social well, he finds it difficult to adjust in a different society. He becomes hesitant to others culture and always keeps his back towards the new setups. To justify his claim he starts to rationalize his thinking. His thinking is reflected in his actions and hence prejudice. He has a skew view towards other groups; sometime knowingly and sometime unknowingly.
Day in and day out, we find ourselves surrounded with such prejudiced souls. The number of people with biases in one or more area is phenomenal and none of us can claim in totality of not being such a soul. It is one of the most dangerous disease human beings are suffering from.

Is there any possibility of normalizing unfairness through a completely rational system?

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Everyone wants to listen to his own voice

Everyone wants to listen to his own voice
One of the best phrases, I have encountered in my life. It took me only 3 minutes to appreciate the phrase verbally but 3 years to realize its practical value in today’s ERA OF PREJUDICE.

In today’s era when individualism is touching new heights, everyone is engaged in proving others that what he thinks may not be correct but it is right. We can take it as an unwanted parcel came with the modernization of India. Now there is a conviction, self belief. One thinks that his thought process is absolutely right and there is no need to pay heeds to others view. People (Gen Nex) lack other orientation. Their approach is if I am Happy everyone is Happy. If people around me suffer let them. At the end of the day I should be happy. There is a serious flaw in this thinking. How long would you be able to derive benefit out of others without bothering about them? Only till the point others has respect for your views and ideas. The day you meet your ideological replica, you will be under tremendous stress. As the number of individualistic characters in society increases, you will have more probability of not feeling well out of meeting such people. In a way, you are not only troubling others but you are buying stress for yourself.

From economy prospective when consumerism is driven solely by the feelings of consumers, a manager not having other orientation as his inherent strength can not do justice to his job. One of the major reason for the failure of an economic entity is that it tries to drive the market as it wants, do not change itself as market wants. All these things points out that there is a strong need for caring others. Self confinement makes your thinking narrow. In an envisaged integrated world, can we think of individuals who are separate entity and are ideological disarray? No we can’t. Either our dream would remain dream forever or the individuals with self centered approach will cease to exist. Whatever happens, we will see a completely new society in years to come.

I would like to end this article by the following words

Caring others means catering yourself

Reference :
Saswata Dey, Who introduced me to the title phrase. I am not sure but it could be his brainchild.