Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hum nahin sudhrenge!!!!!

I do not have any contribution of my head in decision making and most of my decisions are governed by my heart. Although it is crazy, But I can’t help it.


  1. Watching 2 movies back to back in 2 different movie halls, eating whole day out in all good restaurants, 3 days before the exam. After that left with money just enough to buy cold drinks or reaching back to hostel. Preferred cold drinks and walked 5 kilometers.

(Can be a better idea for cold drink ad than “Mein youngistaan se aaya huin”)

  1. Drinking water from a pond full of toads and cooking food using that water in a jungle full of bears.

  1. Walking/trekking, 18-20 hours, in a span of 24 hours, covering 34 kilometers around, eating half a meal, sleeping for an hour under a plastic sheet when it is raining.

(Unforgettable, it freaked me out)

  1. Working 70 hours in a week for my current job while working same number of hours in in an year in my first job.

(Sometimes you feel you were better off without MBA)

  1. Not sleeping for 48 hours and sleeping 40 hours in 48 hours

  1. Walking down the road at 48 C in Chanda and taking bath in almost frozen water in the month of December in Delhi

( Majboori ka naam I don’t know)

  1. Down with heavy fever, took medicine and about to sleep. Frns came for L-square party. I went there, drank and danced whole night

(Party and frns ke liye aapun kuch bhi karega. Needless to say, Aftermath was terrible)

  1. Watching LOTR all 3 parts back to back


  1. Blue color: For me, there are only 2 types of colors in world, Shades of blue and others
  2. Water body : If there is one with clean water, I am gonna jump into it

Mine this year resolution was to restrict myself from buying anything blue, till now only partially successful. Water bodies, still can't help.


Every road leads to somewhere which goes to someplace. So chilax!!! You will reach somewhere for sure.

Money is to spend. More you spend; more God will give it to you.

Would you like somebody to do it to you? If not, then don’t do it to others.

Can't help it :

laptop on floor. Newspaper on laptop. Sleepers on top of newspaper struggling with I-Pod to find its place. On top of everything, a book on templars (Not intentional but it just happened).


Convincing our maid that we are sane human beings and this bed sheet can still be used for 15 days atleast. But she does not believe in water conservation :-)

Finding a pair of ironed clothes every morning. If there is none, I feel harassed by “Iron man”.

Participating in social discourse over petty issues such as “ Barabar waale sharmaji” or “ roads of delhi/pune ” or “ Unka ladka or ......................

Convincing self on Monday morning that Saturday is before eternity.

Saying people “NO”

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Vaibhav Jha said...

Sahi hai baap...u r real sucks to be not one...