Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Digital Shutter Mania

“Arre yaar is pose mein le !! acha ayega, orkut pe lagana hai !!”.
(Please read first statement in conjunction with second)

All the camera companies should share their revenues with Orkut. Today, major reason people wants to take snaps is to put in their Orkut profile. Orkut bug keeps on pressing one for a camera, especially on finding your friends’ inability to capture you in George Clooney pose. (Pun intended). At times people enjoys taking pictures more than the place itself because it is of utmost importance to show others that I visited Jhoomri talialya and my snap taken over there had put Brad Pitt out of business. At the end of their lives, these photogenic characters will leave a lot of options for Spielberg (pun intended) to choose for the frame, a small but powerful role.

Let’s not forget person behind the shutters who believes for every snap that this snap deserves a place in fortune 500 list of photographs (Oh ho ! Pun intended). Nobody understands the plight of that guy, how he has graduated from the “Say cheese” days to “abstract makes perfect sense”. All these guys are in so fond of shutter box that they do not get the feel of sightseeing from naked eyes. Once all possible “Taj Mehalish” type photos are over, which can never be the case, their eyes rolls on to find that it’s all over. I have a cool idea for these souls to have their cameras in time set mode before leaving the other end of shutter, world.

Going to foreign location for Honeymoon and posting 100 photographs of each place has become a trend sort of. These couple forces you to suspect whether they did anything else on Honeymoon at all. I can anticipate their answer to “What did you do on Honeymoon?” We clicked, clicked and clicked till we could click. (Hey man, pun intended!!)

In short, in every sphere of life I meet people who are busy in making up a life that they never lived. Let’s live life and leave it on others to capture it.

And then there are people who use “pun intended” to make sure that their differently- abled readership understands the brand new breed of PJs (pun intended).

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