Sunday, July 13, 2008

Indian Curry

Whatever I am writing is my perception of Indians based on various encounters with different type of people. I am privileged to have friends in all parts of India.

East India


80% bongs would have name starting with S, D or A
An average bengoli sings better than best of India
Smoking is a symbol of manhood ( or whatever, if you are bong, you gotta smoke)
You can get diabetic just by seeing them eating sweets
Bongs play safe. They are always worried about the train, plane reservation and would be the first one to reserve things in any aspect of life. They believe else it would be over.
If a Bong has just enough to fill his tummy and he still shares it with you whole heartedly, he is a true friend of yours.
People believe that bongs are not trustworthy “ I refute”
Females are dominant in bongs. Children are closer to mother than father. Females rule house.
Bongs are a very awkward body shape generally ( leave Bipasha Basu and other exceptions alone)
Bongs are excellent in arts and literature but does not have heart for business generally.
Bongs have very weird pet name, “tubai” for instance

No respect for law. Everything can be bought
Intelligent to the core. But Mind work bothways constructive as well as destructive.

Amazing culinary skills

West India


Langoor ke muh me angoor applies well. 70%+ cases female would be more graceful in a couple
Tailors are obsessed with saving clothe. Most of the trousers would be short by 1 inch atleast.
They would study in a small college in chandrapur but wont go any other state, given a chance in a NIT . For most of them at most pune or mumbai is the end of India. For anything, Maharashtra is a end of India for most of them.
Unknown to India mine of beautiful ladies in and around kolhapur region. ( I saw one of the most beautiful female in kolhapur few years back)
Brinjal is one of the very common dish in marriages :-(
There are 2 types of Marathis

1.Learned, cooperative, appreciates art
2.Yede types, cranky


India's Saas Bahu viewership answer to Bold and beautiful viewers.
Undoubtedly, very high risk appetite
Gujjus mind works in all unpredictable ways to find out a workaround for any problem
Gujju's taste buds are mysterious. One end they love spicy food, on the other side they put sweet in many dishes.
If a Gujju spend a money on you genuinely, he is not a gujju.
They buy english news paper only to see rates of shares .Now a days they are glued to bottom most strip of television set
A strong community bonding

North India


Very happy go lucky culture
Pretentious to the heights. They can compromise on quality of life in trying to show other what they do not possess.
One definitely enjoy their company
somebody rightly said, 3 stages in punjabi female's life : baby, babe and baybay
They do not fear anything and can be found anywhere on earth


They believe in saying spade a spade, though it might not be required or might cause embarrassment
believe is not wasting mind so it remains untouched at times.


50% have traits to become politician. ( good density near Lucknow area)
No Dish is complete without Aloo and everything has to be fried.
They enjoys breaking rules.
Respect in language is paramount ( ji, Aap)
One person follows certain formula to become successful and everybody else follows it ( this tendency is higher comparatively)

South India
90%+ of Hindus would have name of God in their name


Most conservative in India
Culture oriented
Hardworking job oriented
Only one word for good, great, excellent, marvellous and i.e. Super
They love watching age old chennai pics more than photo of a babe ( especially people from chennai)


Most happening types in south India
Dowry is rampant
If you have not gone to a foreign country , you do not deserve to be called a successful telugu

Rational to the extent that defeats pragmatism
Get along well with other people
Gulf may change its name of Kerala-Gulf soon

A very balanced view
Cooperative and sensible

Though I have a long list of things to write about kashmiris, Chinkis ( North east) and rajisthanis and others but it could be biased as the set is small.


Phoenix said...

good compilation - would like to read more about everyone descriptively rather 2 or 3 liners ...

rt said...

comeon... u are in south for atleast last 3 years and so less about south indians...
otherwise its fun reading...
keep it coming..