Thursday, March 06, 2008


"One of the symptoms of nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important" Karthik’s status on Gtalk.

“College ke is taraf hum duniya ko nachate hain, aur us taraf duniya hame” From RDB

I would have done better as an artist, sociologist or art director. I don’t want to finish as just another XXX in some IT company. Don’t know the path yet.

So many things going in my mind. Good thing none is related to work, bad thing I don’t have time to pursue.

It takes 2 days to come back to your normal self and 1 hour in office to feel something is wrong with you.

Westerners understand the importance of work life balance. Indians have too much of “achievement motivation”. Misplaced!!

I took MBTI again and my personality type (INTP) came same again after 2 years.

Whatever job you do (However fundoo), once you know it, it is all the same. Research could be an exception but if it is not applied research, what’s the motivation? If you can’t change life of people, does it make any sense, it is abstract. I am nothing against it, just wanna say, it is important to enjoy whatever you do, nothing is extraordinary in this world.

I meet this guy every weekend. I hate him to the core. He shows too much of unnecessary atti. He reminds me of Bobby (not deol, but chakka, bollywood fame)

The only reason I removed counter from this blog because I don’t want to face I am the only reader.

Today seems to be a chill day in office. Hope so!!


Anonymous said...

no Agrawal bhai... you have a good readership for your blog.... you can have the counter... :)


5vd33p74 said...

Hum bhi INTP hoon.
Zamana hi kharaab hai :)